Croatia Partners Inspect their beer tank automatic polish machine

At 12:34 on 03-12, 2017

Croatia Partners inspect Hefei Jotun before shipping auto polish machines.

How to polish Stainless steel beer tank vessels' inner and outer side surface?Jotun automatic polishing

machine will assist you treat it well.JT- 2-In-1 tank dish end polishing machine can polish and grind

for the different work piece of tank and grinding head through the different buffing head of impeller

then to meet the demand of polishing.

The polishing machine is extensive apply for the polishing of work piece in the range of medical,

chemical,environmental purification,food and beverage,water filtration etc.

Jotun Machiney supply custom design service.For more please contact us.

Automatic tank polishing machine  (3)

Automatic tank polishing machine  (2)

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